Arctic Infection

A cup of tea, a frozen cemetery, concentrated preparations before a reindeer racing, a lonely wooden toilet in a frosty landscape, hard physical labour in the reindeer coral, colourful northern lights, cute reindeer faces and brought smiles – every memory is like a unique window enabling to catch a glimpse of Kola-Penisulan life. All windows together provide a wider view on my experiences in the area, reflecting how deeper meanings were unfolded and will make you understand how I developed my Arctic Infection to the fullest.

This website is an ongoing project. It provides a summery of great encounters and adventures that I experienced in the Arctic north – especially on Kola-Penisula in the last years. I can still remember very vividly how I stumbled into Lovozero in 2012 for the first time, not speaking any Russian and not even being able to find the small hotel that was booked for me beforehand. Now, a couple of trips later, thinking about this – maybe not most beautiful settlement – gives me homely feelings and memories of warm smiles and the ever present cup of tea. Feelings and memories I would like to share.

When telling people about my trips to the region I am often confronted with a lot of biased views. If people back home do know where Kola-Peninsula is to be found on the globe, many still describe images of poor people living in tents, eating snow. I am not only confronted with these views at home, but also in Saint Petersburg by some of my friends. “Sami people do not speak English.” “They are constantly drinking.“ “You will freeze to death in a tent.” – these are the most common reactions. I experienced the completely contrary.

So, I am inviting you to explore this fascinating place through my impressions and pictures, with an open mind and from a different perspective. In this respect this website is not only a showcase of some experiences. It also gives me the opportunity to say ‚Thank You‘ for all the great adventures and valuable encounters I had. And for the brave ones: Go and visit the area, get your cup of tea and see it for yourself! Dobro pozhalovat‘ na Kolskiy poluostrov!

But be warned, not only did I develop an infection for the region – I found special roots there. In fact I became a reindeer owner myself. Milla is the first deer in my herd. More might follow soon